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The cake is not waste - it is an important and valuable part of the business.

Depending on the product being pressed the cake has been sold as a gluten free flour, as a solid fuel or as animal feed, It has also been sold as a fertiliser or lawn conditioner and mustard meal as a pesticide. Sometimes it is the cake that is the primary product with the oil being of less interest/value. Examples are the pressing of soybeans or black soldier fly larvae where the aim is to remove as much oil as possible so that the cake is higer in protein (there is no protein in the oil so removing it makes the remaining meal proportionally higher in protein) and less fatty making a better balanced feed.  

There is always a good market for the cake, whether for the culinary food market or as an animal feed. Most cake is a good sources of protein and energy. We sell our rape cake to local farmers. Sunflower cake for example is especially valuable since it can be used as a high protein poultry feed. Flax and chia can be milled into flour for baking.

If your press makes pellets (like the KK40 or 20) you could use and/or sell fuel pellets that can be burned in pellet stoves.  

Feed mills will be able to analyse your cake and make up a balanced ration. Your local university or agricultural technical college may be able to formulate a suitable feed from the raw materials you have.

Garden centres may be interested in rapemeal as a lawn conditioner (especially if you bag it up nicely).

Typical values for rape expeller cake:

Dry Matter: 87%
Raw Protein: 30%
Raw Fat: 15%
Raw Fibre: 10%
Energy (MJ/kg) 13.5
Minerals Ca/P/Na (g/kg): 6.3/10.8/0.1


We are working on a briquetter that follows on from the KK40 oil press, get in touch if you are interested.