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The oil that comes off the oil press must be filtered as it contains small pieces of shell and fine seed pulp called foots.

For smaller scale batch production it is possible to simply allow the oil to settle for several days in a settling tank, this allows most of the solids to fall to the bottom of the tank. The oil above the sediment can then be pumped through a polishing filter to give crystal clear oil.

For larger scale production (for example with one or multiple presses running day and night) the oil can be continuously pumped through a special type of filter that will remove the suspended solids straight off the press, this means the oil can be filtered as soon as it is pressed (no need to leave it for days to for settle). Continuous filtering is achieved using a depth filter, see below:

20cm polishing filter
Culinary grade
With or without pump.

This is a small polishing filter which can be used after the oil is allowed to settle for several days. Flex vane impeller pump. All stainless steel fittings. REMINDER - this type will only filter oil that has been settled for 2 weeks or longer. For instant filtering see below.

Guide Price for 20cm filter with variable speed flex vane pump £2,000 + VAT.


Depth filters - Filters for immediate continuous filtration, no need to let the oil settle.

This type of filter removes the need for sedimentation and is used where the press or presses will be run for long periods or continuously. No need to allow the oil to settle and no sediment in the bottom of the settling tank to deal with. The filter differs from those above in that it has a high solids holding capacity. Once full the filter is opened and the solids fall from the filter sheets. The press is then closed and filtering continues. A food grade filter aid powder such as kieselguhr is sometimes used. Sizes range from a 10 plate 200mm filter up to a 50 plate 630mm filter. Models available to filter a few hundred litres per day to several thousand litres per day.

Prices start from £3,000+VAT